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Abstract submission guidelines


1. DEADLINE: The Final Submission Deadline is Wednesday, 2 December 2020 at 5pm (UTC/GMT -3, Argentina).
Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, hard copy or e-mail. All abstracts for the 19th International Congress of Endocrinology must be submitted electronically through the electronic abstract submission system.

2. REGISTRATION: You can submit your abstract without being registered. The presenting author must be registered to present. The deadline for the presenting author to register is February 1st, 2021, to be able to present his/her work at the congress.

3. PUBLICATION: Accepted abstracts will be published at:

– Web ICE2020 (congress website)
– Web ISE (society website)
– Web RAEM (Argentine Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism): online official publication of SAEM (Argentine Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism) and FASEN (Argentine Federation of Endocrinology Societies).

4. ABSTRACT LIMIT: There are no restrictions on the number of submissions you may submit or on the number of submissions you may present.

5. LANGUAGE: Abstracts must be written and presented in English.

6. CHARACTER LIMIT: There is a limit of 2500 characters for the text of your submission and references including blank spaces and punctuation (this does not include authors’ information, title, keywords).
It is allowed to include images or tables.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen to access the abstract submission form. Fill in all fields of the online form.

8. DISCLOSURES: The presenter will be asked to complete Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships to finalize your submission.

9. PRESENTATION TYPE: You will be asked to select a Submission Profile (Scientific Research Abstract or Clinical Case), a preferred Presentation Method (Oral or Poster) and the appropriate Topic from the following options:

• Adrenal
• Bone and Calcium
• Cardiovascular
• Diabetes/Obesity/Dyslipidemia
• Endocrine Disruptors
• Miscellaneous
• Neuroendocrinology
• Oncology NE tumors
• Pediatrics
• Reproduction Female
• Reproduction Male
• Thyroid

The final decision about the Presentation Method will be made by the Evaluation Committee.

10. AUTHORS: Please enter all authors in the order they should appear in the heading of the abstract.
It is the author’s responsibility to submit the correct complete names of the other authors that will be reproduced in the certificate as typed by the author (in the case of acceptance).

Acknowledgement of receipt of the submission will be sent to the stated e-mail address.
The contact author will receive all correspondence concerning the abstract and is responsible for informing co-authors of the status of the abstract.

11. ABSTRACT PROOF: Carefully check your abstract. Make sure all special characters and formatting are displaying properly in your proof. If you find errors, return to the appropriate page to make your corrections.
It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract; if accepted any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.

12. COMPLETING YOUR SUBMISSION: Abstracts fulfilling all criteria can be saved in “Final submission” status. Only abstracts in “Final submission” status will be regarded as successfully submitted and considered for the meeting. The submitted / draft abstracts cannot be edited after the Final Submission Deadline on Wednesday, 2 December 2020 at 5pm (UTC/GMT -3, Argentina).

13. REVIEW: To preserve the peer review process, do not include any identifying information (e.g., institution or author names) in the body of your abstract.

14. NOTIFICATIONS: will be emailed by early January 2021.
The Evaluation Committee decision will be irrevocable and there will not be evaluation revisions.

15. CERTIFICATE: Only one certificate per abstract will be issued and will include the authors in the order of the submission.

16. TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you have any difficulty with the submission process, please contact anapaula.grufi@mci-group.com.

*Oral Presentations: Abstracts selected for oral presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until conclusion of the presentation at the Congress. The ISE reserves the right to adjust the embargo as needed.
*Poster Presentations: Abstracts selected for poster presentation are embargoed from the time of submission until February 28th, 2021.
*Authors transfer copyright to the congress on submission.
*Abstracts must contain original data that has not been published before the ICE Virtual 2021 (February 2021) but that may have been presented in preliminary form elsewhere.

Importante Dates

Want some advice? See the recorded webinar “Tips for Writing an Effective Abstract”, by Prof. George Chrousos. Click here to see the webinar.