Plenary Speakers

Professor of Endocrinology & Director Clinician PhD Programme & Clinical Research Facility, University of Cambridge

Lecture: “New insights into thyroid hormone action”

Full Professor. Head of the Louvain Drug Research Institute at the Université catholique de Louvain (Uclouvain, Belgium). Pionner in the Discovery of how prebiotic nutrients target the gut microbiota to improve health.

Lecture: “Microbiome”

Lecture: “30 years of Pituitary development”

Gerard Karsenty is Paul A. Marks M.D., Professor, and Chair of the Department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University in New York City. His research focuses on all aspects of skeletal biology. Dr. Gerard Karsenty identified the master gene of bone formation and hypothesized that there must be a coordinated regulation of bone mass energy metabolism and reproduction. Exploring all aspects of this overarching hypothesis allowed him to reveal the existence of central control of bone mass and the endocrine nature of bone. Currently, his work focuses on identifying and deciphering all the functions of a bone hormone his laboratory discovered, osteocalcin.

Lecture: “Cross talk between bone and metabolic syndrome?”

Plenary Professor of Molecular Biology, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Superior Investigator of CONICET.

Lecture: “Regulation of alternative splicing: one gene, many proteins”

Professor, Karolinska Insitutet, Stockholm

Lecture: “Molecular mechanisms of insulin resistance”

Professor Peter Rossing head of diabetes complications research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and professor endocrinology University of Copenhagen

Lecture: “Personalized Medicine in Diabetes Mellitus”

Lecture: “The Use of Genomics and Big Data in Understanding and Treating Endocrine Diseases”

Professor Alfredo Ulloa-Aguirre, Scientific Director, Research Support Network (RAI), National University of Mexico UNAM)-National Institutes of Health, Mexico City

Lecture: “Misrouting of G Protein-Coupled Receptors and Endocrine Disease. Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutic Prospects.”

Brian Walker is Chair of Medicine and Pro Vice Chancellor for Research Strategy & Resources at Newcastle University, UK. Until 2017, he was Professor of Endocrinology and Head of the BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science at the University of Edinburgh, UK. A clinical Endocrinologist, his research over >25 years – spanning rodent models, experimental medicine, drug discovery, and genetic epidemiology – has systematically documented the contributions of glucocorticoids to cardiovascular disease risk, identified novel determinants of tissue glucocorticoid action, and targeted these with new drugs.

Lecture: “Controlling Cortisol in Cardiometabolic Disease”

Dr. Corrine Welt
Professor of Medicine Chief of Endocrinology
Metabolism and Diabetes
University of Utah

Lecture: “Relevance of genetic studies in understanding the pathophysiology of PCOS”