Timothy J Cole

J Cole, Timothy

Associate Professor Cole holds an academic position at the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Monash University in Melbourne, where he is currently the Academic Deputy Head of Department. He leads a Research Group in the Stem Cells and Development theme of the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash. His research program investigates endocrine systems and cell signalling pathways important for mammalian development and function. He is currently President of the Endocrine Society of Australia, a member of the The Endocrine Society (USA), the British Endocrine Society and currently holds positions on the Editorial Board (Endocrinology) of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing. UK) and the Journal of Endocrinology/Journal of Molecular Endocrinology (Bioscientifica, UK). Associate Professor Cole’s main research interests are the developmental roles of the adrenal steroid hormones that act through intracellular nuclear receptors, particularly related to respiratory development, renal function and metabolic disease. Other research interests include steroid modifying enzymes and the development of novel synthetic steroid drugs to treat a range of inflammatory, respiratory and metabolic diseases.